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Best Adult Diapers for Men

Best Male Incontinence Products

With many different types and styles of diapers offered by a host of brands, picking the most suitable adult diaper option for your needs can certainly be challenging.

According to research, urinary incontinence prevails in around 17% of men1 at some point in their lives. The same study also states that this percentage increases with age. 

This guide will take you through the different types of adult diapers and the factors to consider while choosing a suitable one. We will also feature the best adult diapers for men according to the different levels of incontinence available on the market. 

Types of Adult Diapers for Men

You will come across two primary categories of adult diapers for men – pull-ups and briefs. However, each category can be further divided based on materials (cloth and plastic) and usage (reusable and disposable). 

Pull Up Diapers

Pull-ups are like large underwear that you can easily slide on. These are relatively thin and easy to wear under regular clothes while maintaining discretion. It would be best for you to choose this option in the following cases:

  • If the incontinence level is mild
  • If reaching the bathroom in time is sometimes a struggle
  • If wearing the pull-up is possible without any help required from someone else

Briefs (Adult Diapers with Tabs)

Briefs are adult diapers with tabs that provide a snug fit around your rear, abdomen, and crotch. The presence of tabs ensures you can adjust the size to fit your comfort level. Choose this option if:

  • You need help to put a diaper on
  • Your incontinence level is high

Adult diapers for men

What to Consider While Buying the Best Adult Diapers for Men

Urinary incontinence can be of varying types, depending on the underlying reason behind the condition. Some primary types include stress incontinence, overactive bladder, mixed incontinence, and overflow incontinence2

Depending upon the stage or type of incontinence, your level may be light, moderate, or heavy. As a result, you will either need to change the diaper more frequently, or pick an absorbent diaper for medium to heavy incontinence.

The following factors will help you decide on the most suitable option according to your condition.


Make sure the diaper you pick fits your body. While a small size can be a bit tight and uncomfortable, wearing a size that's too big can lead to leakages. Both may result in causing rashes and skin irritation.

Read the sizing guidelines of the diaper you are choosing for better fitting results. Also be sure to note that some brands measure by waist size, while others may use hip size — so double check that the product you choose matches your specific measurements.


Some diapers like pull-ups are relatively thinner, and may not be the best choice for individuals with high incontinence levels. In such cases, you must look for diapers with the highest retention capacity.

You should also consider when you have to use the diaper, as urination may be heavier at night. Therefore, pick an overnight diaper if that's the purpose you're using it for to ensure it will function as needed.

Note: Pooled-up urine is uncomfortable and can lead to infections, rashes, or other health conditions.

Elderly man exercising, adult diapers

Material and Comfort

If you pick cloth diapers, they are usually reusable. Though they are arguably more environmentally sustainable and cost-effective, you have to wash and disinfect them after every use, which eats up lots of your time.

Alternatively, diapers with a plastic or cloth-like backing are mostly disposable. They are comparatively more convenient. 

The material you choose will also impact your comfort. You must choose with caution and try to pick skin-friendly diapers, especially if you have allergies. Trying out different types may be useful to find your perfect fit. 

Moisture-Wicking and Odor Elimination

A good quality diaper ensures complete airflow. It is made of breathable materials to prevent rashes that result from prolonged exposure to moisture. These adult diapers are the best overnight underwear options as they ensure you stay dry all night.

The best adult diapers with moisture-wicking qualities also help in odor elimination. It can be beneficial to look for incontinence products with a combination of some or all of these elements.

Best Adult Diapers for Men

Here are some of the best adult diapers on the market for men to use, based on incontinence condition and usage requirements:

    1.    Attends Stretchable Unisex Tabbed Brief – Best for Moderate Incontinence

    Attends Stretchable Unisex Tabbed Brief, Breathable, Leakage protection

    Attends Stretchable Unisex Tabbed Brief is specially designed for individuals with moderate incontinence. It is one of the best diapers for those who find wearing pull-ups difficult.


    • Breathable fabric ensures maximum dryness
    • Stretchable design makes it suitable for multiple sizes
    • Features anti-odor properties to keep you fresh
    • Supersorb dryness layer offers moisture-wicking benefits 

    2.    TENA ProSkin Protective Pull Up Underwear for Men – Best Fitting

    One of the best things about the TENA ProSkin Pull Up underwear is its superb fitting. It fits you just like standard underwear, so you can be as discreet as you'd like about it.


    • Features 100% breathability
    • Polymer technology for heavy absorbency throughout the night
    • Soft leg elastics promote comfort
    • Its tear away seams ensure easy removal

    3.    Caroli Unisex Incontinence Pull Up Underwear – Best for Delicate Skin

    Caroli Unisex Incontinence Pullup Underwear, Heavy absorbency, Odor-locking

    The Caroli Unisex Incontinence Pull Up Underwear features heavy absorbency properties, absorbing around 34 fluid ounces.


    • 100% safety for delicate skin
    • Its robust odor system reduces odor by 50-60%
    • Additional layers and dual-secured seams prevent leakages
    • Soft material, imitating regular underwear

    4.    Depend Real Fit Pull Up Underwear for Men – Best for Preventing Leakages

    The Depend Real Fit Pull Up Underwear is another excellent overnight underwear for men with high incontinence. It is soft and fits snugly without causing discomfort.


    • Features heavy absorbency to keep you dry for a prolonged period
    • Fitting waistband and leg elastic prevent leakage
    • High-quality cotton fabric ensures maximum comfort
    • Tear away seams let you remove it easily

      5.    Prevail Per-Fit 360 Unisex Tabbed Brief – Best Breathable Fabric

      Prevail Per-Fit 360 Unisex Tabbed Brief, Maximum absorbency, Super breathable, Adjustable

      The Prevail Per-Fit Brief is a unisex brief with tabs so you can fasten it according to your size. It also features vitamin E, aloe, and chamomile, making ideal for sensitive skin. 


      • 360 breathable zones ensure maximum ventilation
      • Omni odor guard for prolonged freshness
      • Fasteners placed in the front promote comfortable fitting
      • Features moisture-wicking qualities


      How many adults in the US wear diapers?

      According to research, over 10 million people wear adult diapers in the US.

      Is a brief a diaper?

      Briefs do, in fact, typically refer to underwear. If a product is labeled as a brief, it's likely that the vendor is referring to diapers with tabs; if you're searching for a diaper without tabs, check for goods labeled as underwear or pull-ups.

      What is a bariatric diaper?

      Disposable bariatric diapers are offered in sizes 2XL, 3XL, and 4XL. Individuals who need plus size diapers may find the protection they need in bariatric briefs and pull-ups, which can be used during the day or at night. 

      What should be worn for bowel incontinence?

      The most common treatment for fecal incontinence is to put absorbent pads inside your underwear. Wearing absorbent pads may make a significant difference in your quality of life if you have milder types of fecal incontinence—a few bowel leakage incidents, or discoloration of underwear.

      In Conclusion

      The global adult diaper market has a whopping value of over $14 billion3 USD, and is constantly on the rise.

      With the market brimming with adult diaper brands, the factors stated above will help you find your perfect fit. Regain your confidence with the best adult diapers for men. Prevent discomfort and stay dry throughout the day.


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      Disclaimer: The information presented here is purely for educational purposes and should not be used in place of the advice of your doctor or physician.