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Best Tranquility Pads and Underpads

Best Tranquility Pads and Underpads

In the world of pads and underpads, Tranquillity has got solutions to all of your incontinence needs.

Tranquility has established itself as a leading supplier of a wide variety of pads and underpads. It has gained a reputation as a creative pioneer in the world of adult-care diapers and other products thanks to its high-quality design and efficiency. Tranquility distinguishes itself by offering a range of high-end features in its products. Boost your confidence levels with Tranquillity, and you'll be able to live a more balanced life. 

Best Booster Pad

Tranquility TopLiner Booster Contour Pad, Heavy absorbency, Urine & Fecal incontinence

Tranquility TopLiner Booster Contour Pad, Heavy Absorbency, Urine & Fecal Incontinence is an excellent supplement to your primary adult diaper. It enhances and fortifies the effectiveness of your underwear, giving you the security you need.

The hourglass shape and structure was designed to keep fecal incontinence contained. Because of the spiral shape, the booster pad will fill first until the extra fluid is passed to the primary garment (adult diaper). 

The booster contour pad is simple to use and adjust when on the go. This brings you a great advantage especially when you are unable to change your main diaper. Skin dryness is important for preventing bacterial infections. The super absorbent polymers contained inside the permeable peach core provide you with healthy skin and urinary pH balance.

  • Absorbency levels: 13.6 oz
  • Prevents odor build-up
  • Latex-free technology
  • Peach Mat Guarantee assures dry and healthy skin

Best Unisex Underwear Pad

Tranquility TrimShield Unisex Underwear Pad, Light absorbency, Thin, Adhesive backing

Tranquility TrimShield Unisex Underwear Pad, Light Absorbency provides men and women with incontinence issues with discreet overnight and additional daytime security. Skin is kept dry while odor is reduced thanks to the super absorbent center and odor-neutralizing technology.

TrimShield Unisex Underwear Pad, Light Absorbency is an excellent alternative for coping with light incontinence at night. Each pad comes with a moisture-resistant backing and an adhesive strip to hold it in place. Incontinence leakage can be avoided with the aid of LeakGuard Core. Trimshield pads are designed to be worn as a booster and have a surprisingly thin peach center with a super absorbent core that will keep you dry and sound asleep. A delicate, fabric-like inside layer is gentle on your skin. Mini (3” x 10.5”) and Super-Plus (4” x 11.75”) sizes are available.

  • Great addition for any individual who discovered their ideal adult diaper, and requires extra absorbency for a heavy day
  • Can be utilized as a complementary product to Tranquility diapers or most other adult diapers
  • Latex-free to avoid skin discomfort

Best Underpad

Tranquility Air-Plus Extra Strength Disposable Underpad, Heavy absorbency

Heavy absorbency protects beds and other surfaces from heavy incontinence with the Tranquility Air-Plus Extra Strength Disposable Underpad. It can handle spinning, repositioning, and boosting with ease. The breathability of this underpad allows air to flow freely through the material, creating an ideal microclimate that protects the skin's integrity.

Tranquility Disposable Air-Plus Extra Strength Underpad, Heavy absorbency is made from smooth, cloth-like materials that are gentle on the skin. It has PowerSorb technology, which makes it comfortable and absorbent. The mattress or any other surface is covered from liquids by a quick-wicking absorbent sheet, which removes the need for washing by preventing leakage. 

Air-Plus Underpads are intended to fit well with low-air-loss bed systems because they are breathable. The high absorbency of these pads is due to a very absorbent heart. Built with an extra-durable, cloth-like fabric that provides the required structure to hold up to 34 ounces of liquid. Air, moisture vapor, and heat escape through the microporous backsheet, ensuring optimum skin integrity and airflow circulation. The number of pressure points and the possibility of friction or irritation are reduced when the surface is soft, smooth, and even. 30" x 36" dimensions are available.

  • Peach Mat Guarantee guarantees top-notch overall efficiency in the areas of urine pH neutralization, odor elimination, skin dryness, and bacterial growth inhibition
  • Breathable materials promote skin integrity by allowing air circulation
  • Backsheet is made of a soft, rustle-free material that provides comfort and noise reduction
  • Discreet packaging and distribution protects your privacy while also ensuring the safety and security of your package

Best Multi-Purpose Absorbent Sheet

Tranquility ThinLiner Multi-Purpose Absorbent Sheet, Inhibits bacteria, Latex-free

Tranquility ThinLiner Multi-Purpose Absorbent Sheet is designed to protect beds, tables, and other furniture from moderate incontinence. Absorbs moisture in the skin folds which helps people with sensitive skin alleviate the pain caused by stress and pressure sores.

ThinLiner Multi-Purpose Absorbent Sheets are soft, breathable retentive sheets that collect and retain moisture while keeping you cool. Moisture is kept away from the skin by the fragile top and base layers. Creates a dry atmosphere that prevents skin irritation while also promoting skin health. Inhibits bacterial growth and eliminates odor. Latex-free, non-sterile, and form-fitting. 20” x 22” dimensions are available.

  • To prevent skin irritation, this product is latex-free
  • Form-fitting to create the ultimate comfort experience
  • Stretches your budget at a low cost
  • Soft and elastic sheets that can be used for a number of purposes are solid and flexible


Can we cut these Multi-Purpose Absorbent Sheets?

No, it is not recommended to cut these sheets. You may fold them up into your desired size; however, if you cut them, the inner liner could be damaged.

Are these Multi-Purpose Absorbent Sheets adhesive?

These sheets come with a variety of features including latex-free technology and 15 oz absorbency levels; nevertheless, they are not adhesive as they do not contain the adhesive backline.

Why are some incontinence products more expensive than others?

The higher cost of some incontinence products can be justified by their larger absorbent capacities. They are manufactured from higher quality materials. Although expensive, these products bring you real value. From keeping your skin dry to limiting any bacterial growth, these products may provide you with excellent value in terms of handling your issues related to various types of incontinence.