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Cosmea SKU: Cos-San-Fsw

Cosmea Maxi Sanitary Pads w/Wings, Super, Unscented

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Cosmea Maxi Sanitary Pads with Wings, Super are designed with a wafer-thin organic film to stop heavy and overnight leaks. Using all organic, quality cotton, a triple layer provides unmatched protection while being extremely thin, breathable, and comfortable. Great for your skin and for the environment.

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  • Product Details

    Maxi Sanitary Pads with Wings, Super offer the highest level of comfort and protection, while supporting and advocating for responsible use of resources. They are designed with a surface made up of 100% organic cotton and a 3D absorbent core made of certified natural fibers - guaranteed to be reliable, even during nighttime use. Cosmea’s pads and pantyliners use underwear protection made of wafer-thin organic film, no plastic or foil, which offers up to 100% leakage protection for your carefree wearing comfort. These super absorbent pads are great for moderate to heavier days, absorbing lots of liquid. They work by binding liquids and odors into a manageable gel before absorption, making these cores a 2-in-1 liquid and odor management system. Any entering discharge is quickly guided to the core by an intermediate fleece composed of organic textile materials for the most efficient disposal. On top of this layer, and in contact with the skin is the incredible soft pad made to feel like you’re just wearing regular underwear. Available in 3.75” x 11” dimensions.

    • Adhesive backed wings provide stability and maximum support against leakage
    • Super absorbent core locks in both moisture and odor for 2-in-1 effectiveness
    • Received “Excellent” grade from independent third-party dermatologists
    • Discreet packaging and delivery maintains your privacy and ensures that your package will be safe and secure
    • Severe Absorbency
    • Overnight Use
    • Unscented
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    Quick Facts
    Spec Info
    ABSORBENCY Overnight (heavy)
    Dimensions 3.75" x 11"
    Fit Wings for secure fit and protection
    Gender Womens
    Packaging Individually wrapped
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Katie Hardman
    Great pads!

    I was skeptical at first with how thin they would be. When receiving them I thought they were a bit smaller then I thought, but after actually wearing them I found them to be perfect! No leaks at all. I tend to have a very heavy flow. My only thing I wish was different is if they were folded up so I could carry them in my purse a bit easier then folding them up myself and ruining them. But I will be buying more because they worked well!

    T. A.
    Cosmea overnight pads

    Wish these were available on shelves everywhere! Very soft and comfortable pads that have a wide adhesive that keeps them in place. So many other brands use far too little and don't stick well. Great comfort and love that these are natural pads free of chemicals. Will be ordering these from Ebay from now on...(unless they make it to store shelves).

    Good coverage

    Great pads, only brand I have found so far that doesn't leak at night. The price is better than the big box stores also...

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