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ComfortCare SKU: PBE2974100

ComfortCare Disposable Unisex Pull Up Underwear, Moderate absorbency, Latex-free

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ComfortCare Disposable Unisex Pull-Up Underwear is designed with high quality, absorbent materials for adults with moderate incontinence (both urine and fecal). Designed with tear-away side seams for independent and active individuals.

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  • Product Details

    Disposable Unisex Pull-Up Underwear include a full waist panel, offering a comfortable and soothing fit. Tear-away side seams allow for quick and effortless removal. Inner leg cuffs prevent leaks through leg openings. Pull-up material is breathable and stretchy, which allows you to move comfortably. Protects the skin from itching and promotes overall health. You can wear this pull-up like any other regular underwear. Overall structure makes it easier to carry. High-quality absorbent material allows moderate absorbency, wicking away fluid from the surface and skin. Offers maximum protection and dryness. You can wear this pull-up while going outside or lounging around the house. Latex free, and ideal for both urine and fecal incontinence. Available in Small (22-36", 10.1 oz/299 mL), Medium (34-48", 13.5 oz/400 mL), or Large (44"-54", 13.5 oz/400 mL) sizes.

    • Tear-away side seams assist in easy removal of the diaper
    • Full waist panel offers the ultimate comfort experience
    • Breathable material protects skin against rashes or irritation
    • Moderate Absorbency
    • Active Use
    • Large Sizes
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    Quick Facts
    Spec Info
    Absorbency S: 10.1 fl oz, M/L: 13.5 fl oz
    Gender Unisex
    Materials Latex free
    Style Pull-on with tear-away seams
    Waist Size S: 22-36", M: 34-48", L: 44-54"
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