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Alyne SKU: Aly-Und-0sm

Alyne Women's Incontinence Pull Up Underwear, Ultra-Thin, Odor-locking, Leg guard

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Alyne Women's Incontinence Pull Up Underwear is just as absorbent as bulkier underwear, but was designed with a 50% thinner fit for extreme comfort. Capable of absorbing up to 24 ounces of fluid incontinence. Odor-locking technology with leak-proof leg guards keep you fresh and dry all day.

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  • Product Details

    Women's Incontinence Pull Up Underwear are completely concealable underneath your clothes, and don’t mask your silhouette; while still providing unmatched absorption, odor control, leakage protection, and more. Its ultra-thin material is up to 50% thinner than comparable brands. Innovative design allows absorption of an impressive 24 ounces of fluid before needing to be changed. Amazingly soft clothlike material is 100% breathable and comfortable, and is similar to real underwear in both feel and look, providing a smooth, snug fit that’s great for use at home or in public. Comfortable elastics spread along the sides of the underwear to match the feel and behavior of typical cloth underwear as closely as it can. Odor control technology makes sure all unwanted odors are continually eliminated as soon as possible, without the use of overbearing perfume fragrances to mask them. Backed up with Alyne’s inner leg guards that act as a powerful second layer of protection. Completely leakproof, with all the most important places and seams secured to ensure you keep dry. Available in size Small/Medium (26-38”) and Medium/Large (36-50”).

    • Made to match real cloth underwear’s look and feel as closely as possible, while not sacrificing any absorption or utility to accomplish this
    • Ultra-thin design that adapts to your body, allowing for comfortable, seamless fits under any article of clothing
    • Neutralizes all odors effectively and continually, without relying on overbearing fragrance
    • Completely leakproof to protect across all the most important places
    • Discreet packaging and delivery maintains your privacy and ensures that your package will be safe and secure
    • Moderate Absorbency
    • Thin Thin
    • Large Sizes
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    Quick Facts
    Spec Info
    ABSORBENCY 24 fl oz
    FEATURES 50% Thinner
    GENDER Womens
    SIZES S/M: 26-38”, M/L: 36-50”
    USAGE Disposable
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 34 reviews
    Held a full bladder of urine

    I tried these out before actually needing them to see what the capabilities were and was surprised to find that they held a full bladder's worth of urine (I have small capacity, though). They are soft and comfortable. They hold fluid securely.

    Non bulky

    Alyne is the perfect thin, full coverage product. Made for smaller leaks. Very comfortable night and day.

    Very Best

    I've tried every incontinence panty available. I have settled on this one because of the fit, the shape and it does not bunch up after wearing . Try these, you'll be happy!!

    As good or better than advertised

    This incontinence item is outstanding. Very lightweight but extra absorbent fur urinary incontinence and unnoticeable under light weight stretch pants.


    Alyne Women's Incontinence Pull Up Underwear, Ultra-Thin, Odor-locking, Leg guard

    Great service

    On time delivery, excellent service. Great product.


    Alyne Women's Incontinence Pull Up Underwear, Ultra-Thin, Odor-locking, Leg guard

    Most reliable on market

    So glad I can order directly from Norton Hurley instead of other mail order conglomerate

    Best yet

    This is about the 5th product I have tried and the best. Holds the most and the leg guards actually work.


    i like the product but I think I should try a larger size t see if it was a better fit.

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