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Caroli Feminine Incontinence Pads, Maxi Absorbency, 16", Unscented

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You get 8 Pads.

Caroli Maxi Plus Pads single package
Caroli Maxi Plus Pads single package Caroli Feminine Incontinence Pads, Maxi Absorbency, 16", Unscented Caroli Feminine Incontinence Pads, Maxi Absorbency, 16", Unscented Caroli Maxi Plus Pads 6 packages

Caroli Maxi Plus Pads are ideal for heavy flows. No slip, discrete and dermatologically tested by third-party labs, they're incredibly absorbent and breathable.

  • Pad width: 6in
  • Pad length: 16in
  • Absorbency: 24oz

Remain comfortable and confident no matter how severe your period or incontinence flow is.

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Product Details


Caroli incontinence pads have a high-performing absorbent core with anti-odor system provides excellent protection.

Unscented, silky-soft breathable non-woven top sheet with embossment is extremely kind to the skin.

Body-shaped and designed for discreet comfort and optimal fit.

Underwear remains protected by a non-woven laminated PE-film back sheet.

Moderate to Severe Absorbency Protection

Best for:

Short sudden flow of urine even when your bladder is not full

Urge Incontinence: A sudden need to go to the toilet but you cannot get there in time

Reflex incontinence: Your bladder empties without warning

Product Sizes:

One Size Fits All

Product Dimensions:

16.22" length x 5.91" width x 9mm thick

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Works well for me.

Best I've found. Very comfortable and absorbant.

8 x caroli feminine pads, 16 inch.

Hi love them


I didn't do that in the best product that I've ever seen

Great product

Using these for my husband who has
Parkinson’s a d full
Incontinence. So far I’ve tried three other
Major suppliers of
Pads Amd NONE have
Worked except for yours! Your
Pads are highly absorbing , they’re soft and
No. Irritating and they stay in place at all
Times . Granted I still
Must use 2 pads at
Night along with the Real Fit underwear which also has a built
In pad but there’s no spillover thru the night with your
Product. Your
Pads are a Godsend. Thank
You for finally providing us a solution to his
Issues! We are customers as long as you’ll have us. Bless you!

Caroli Maxi Plus Pads

Excellent maxi, I've tried several store brands and they are not nearly as absorbent as this pad is. A little too wide for my needs, but otherwise a very soft and non-irritating maxi. The customer service is the awesome, the best!