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ComfortCare SKU: PBE2974100

ComfortCare Disposable Unisex Pull Up Underwear, Moderate absorbency, Latex-free

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ComfortCare Disposable Unisex Pull-Up Underwear is designed with high quality, absorbent materials for adults with moderate incontinence (both urine and fecal). Designed with tear-away side seams for independent and active individuals.

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  • Product Details

    Disposable Unisex Pull-Up Underwear include a full waist panel, offering a comfortable and soothing fit. Tear-away side seams allow for quick and effortless removal. Inner leg cuffs prevent leaks through leg openings. Pull-up material is breathable and stretchy, which allows you to move comfortably. Protects the skin from itching and promotes overall health. You can wear this pull-up like any other regular underwear. Overall structure makes it easier to carry. High-quality absorbent material allows moderate absorbency, wicking away fluid from the surface and skin. Offers maximum protection and dryness. You can wear this pull-up while going outside or lounging around the house. Latex free, and ideal for both urine and fecal incontinence. Available in Small (22-36", 10.1 oz/299 mL), Medium (34-48", 13.5 oz/400 mL), or Large (44"-54", 13.5 oz/400 mL) sizes.

    • Tear-away side seams assist in easy removal of the diaper
    • Full waist panel offers the ultimate comfort experience
    • Breathable material protects skin against rashes or irritation
    • Moderate Absorbency
    • Active Use
    • Large Sizes
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    Quick Facts
    Spec Info
    Absorbency S: 10.1 fl oz, M/L: 13.5 fl oz
    Gender Unisex
    Materials Latex free
    Style Pull-on with tear-away seams
    Waist Size S: 22-36", M: 34-48", L: 44-54"
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    Customer Reviews

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    J. Graham
    Very little competition

    I work retail and need something reliable, comfortable, absorbant, and not noticeable. It fits all 4. They are very comparable to Tranquility, of which I wear and like. Now I have another brand that gives me just as much comfort and peace of mind. I may have my favorite, but as a frugal shopper I also like having comparable choices. I also like having a back up, or a switcher, just because. After having issues with another company a couple different times about payment, I tried N-H and am satisfied. Shipping took maybe 3 days and I got my package. Not only that, what I ordered I was trying for the first time (the brands). So I was extremely happy finding another brand I like, a no nonsense no headache company, and a reliable diaper. Best thing is that they also sell my other favorite diaper (with or without tabs).
    Its nice too know that in todays age there are still some companies who carry quality products, and don't make you jump through hoops. I will be doing my shopping here for quite a while.

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