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About Norton Hurley

Our Story

The stigma surrounding incontinence is a burden that every person dealing with the symptoms carries with them at one point or another. It’s an unfortunate result of miseducation and a lack of support. Many patients deal with the symptoms of incontinence because of a medical condition, operation, or life event that isn’t always age-specific and, often, is completely out of their control. They shouldn’t face it alone, yet more often than not, they do. In fact, research indicates that the average person will deal with incontinence privately for up to 8 years before consulting their personal physician.

Our founders had the humbling experience of supporting incontinent family members. They noticed the discomfort that standing in line with a package of adult briefs or incontinence pads brought to their loved ones. They wanted to create a convenient and catered shopping experience that allowed their family members to face their condition in private instead of in line at a grocery store.

One of the first steps in ending the stigma is speaking knowledgeably about the products that make living with incontinence much easier. For this reason, it is our goal to educate our customers on the various premium products that allow them to continue living their life in a dignified manner.

Our Mission

There’s a responsibility all retailers carry when choosing the products they offer to their customers. Quality assurance, material transparency, and extensive product knowledge are all basic expectations. With personal hygiene products, these expectations sit at the front of every shoppers’ mind before they decide to purchase.

Our customers with incontinence are looking for a premium solution that considers their comfort, lifestyle, and individual absorbency needs. No two types of incontinence are exactly the same and we understand this.

Our customers shopping for feminine hygiene products are seeking a high-quality solution that’s comfortable, safe, and transparent. No two bodies are the same and we understand this.

We strive daily to fulfill our mission: to offer premium personal hygiene products at affordable prices, and a highly personalized and discreet shopping experience to each and every customer that shops on our website.

Our Team

We’re a growing team of caring communicators. We listen and we guide.

Our headquarters is located in Spearfish, South Dakota—a small town at the foot of the Black Hills. The Norton Hurley culture is rooted in the culture of South Dakota which prides itself on the values of community and neighborly concern.

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Our Experience


A German-based global manufacturing corporation, pelzGROUP has been innovating cotton and woven manufactured goods for over 60 years. They are proud to be one of the largest manufacturers of incontinence and feminine hygiene products in Europe as well as have product partners and relationships in 60 countries across the world.


A full-service business consultancy agency focused on early stage, high growth e-commerce businesses, REV7 has been a part of over 200 digital-native brands, including two billion dollar companies in which they single-handedly developed and executed the market strategy for the largest e-commerce exit in history.


A leading national business startup accelerator program, gener8tor has made 95 investments with a current portfolio valuation over $1 Billion.


A serial entrepreneur with a record of building massively successful companies, such as a wireless service provider that was sold to Verizon, David has spent most of his career operating technology companies in major US markets using his extensive background in customer acquisition and sales. He is currently the CEO of REV7.


Brent is a certified and award-winning digital marketer, having built search ecosystems for brands like, JetSmarter and others. He has 20+ years of extensive experience with SEO, SEM and brand development, and is best known for his work on the search architecture that was used for the largest e-commerce exit in history.


With over 30 years of experience in the personal care industry, including C-level executive positions at Drylock, Presto and Attends, Ricardo holds a total of eight patent applications and two issued patents for his innovation and design of new products and equipment.