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We will match the retail price of any incontinence product we carry in our store. Saw it cheaper somewhere else? Let us know!

Products covered under our price match:

  • Any incontinence or personal hygiene product in our current inventory that is also offered by a competing online retailer at a lower price.
  • Any in-store incontinence or personal hygiene product offered by a competitor.
  • Any subscription product.


  • Only the pre-tax retail price of an item will be considered when price matching. Discounted prices are not considered.
  • Price matching on subscription products is only applicable to the first month.
  • Price matching is assessed on a product by product basis. Bundles or promotional packages are not considered. 
  • Only product prices are matched. Shipping costs and fees are not.
  • A coupon or discount code may not be used with a price matched product.

How to request a price match:

  1. Call our customer service number: 1-888-288-8186
  2. Have the product name, price, quantity you want to order, and the name of the competing retailer's website or store where we can review the competing price.
That's it! Simple.
Don't be afraid to give us a call.
Our customer service agents are friendly and ready to give you the best possible price.