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Alyne SKU: Aly-Und-s0m

Alyne Men's Incontinence Pull Up Underwear, Ultra-Thin, Odor Locking, Leg Guard

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Alyne Men's Incontinence Pull Up Underwear is a 50% thinner fit that's comfortable and just as absorbent as bulkier underwear. Capable of absorbing up to 24 ounces of fluid to shield you from incontinence. Odor-locking technology with leak-proof leg guards keep you fresh and dry.

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  • Product Details

    Men's Incontinence Pull Up Underwear are completely concealable underneath your clothes thanks to its ultra-thin material, which is up to 50% thinner than comparable brands. Comfortable elastics spread along the sides of the underwear to match the feel and behavior of typical cloth underwear as closely as it can. Amazingly soft clothlike material is 100% breathable and comfortable, and is similar to real underwear in both feel and look, providing a smooth, snug fit that’s great for use at home or in public. Odor control technology makes sure all unwanted odors are continually eliminated as soon as possible, without the use of overbearing perfume fragrances to mask them. State-of-the-art design allows absorption of an impressive 24 ounces of fluid before needing to be swapped. Completely leakproof, with all the most important places and seams secured to ensure you keep dry. Backed up with Alyne’s inner leg guards that act as a powerful second layer of protection. Available in size Small/Medium (30-44”) and Large/Extra Large (40-64”).

    • 100% leakproof to protect across all the most important places
    • Ultra-thin design that adapts to your body, allowing for comfortable, seamless fits under any article of clothing
    • Made to match real cloth underwear’s look and feel as closely as possible, while not sacrificing any absorption or utility to accomplish this
    • Neutralizes all odors effectively and continually, without relying on overbearing fragrance
    • Discreet packaging and delivery maintains your privacy and ensures that your package will be safe and secure
    • Moderate Absorbency
    • Thin Thin
    • Large Sizes
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    Quick Facts
    Spec Info
    ABSORBENCY 24 fl oz
    FEATURE 50% Thinner
    GENDER Mens
    SIZES S/M: 30-44”, L/XL: 40-64”
    USAGE Disposable
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    Betty White
    Good product!!

    These work great for me. I wear them backwards for good coverage!!

    Alex van den Ende

    So far I like the fit but bulky, I wear them at night. I wish they come out with a men's product like the women's Always brand by discreet, I noticed that the padding holds up much longer, they are less revealing under clothing and they are scented. Yes, I wear them also.

    Raymond Nagel
    Best source for best price

    These fit very well, have good leak guards and are the best price at Norton Hurley

    John Rodriguez

    Comfortable and inexpensive.


    Very thin and breathable

    John Petriella

    Alyne Men's Incontinence Pull Up Underwear, Ultra-Thin, Odor Locking, Leg Guard


    Great product...


    These are the best fitting pull-ups I have tried and I have tried many. These fit my man part's and stayed in place all day and very absorbent for how thin they are. They didn't bunch up like most do.
    Will order more soon.

    george parsons

    havent tried yet

    Bill B.
    I like 'em!

    Very comfortable and surprisingly holds a lot considering how compact and thin they are. A nice product to wear during the heat of the summer. Well-fitting and not at all bulky. I would order them again!

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Product Details


No bulkiness, no odor, no sagging; 4 layers of absorbency, and breathable material that’s 30% cooler than other brands. Feel comfortable, dry, and dignified.

A fabric-feel top layer mirrors the comfort experienced with regular underwear while a patented absorbent strip channels fluid throughout the diaper.

Non-toxic SAP absorbent technology keeps you feeling dry even after liquid has been absorbed.

No wood pulp means less bulk and the 108 elastic bands surrounding the pull-on provide a snug fit that prevents leaks.

The Alyne Ultra-Thin adult pull-on underwear is the result of 80+ years of combined industry expertise and a dedication to delivering what active adults have wanted from their incontinence underwear for decades. Alyne is a discreet, stylish solution for the bladder that won’t cooperate.

Environmentally Friendly

A 25% smaller package size and a refusal to use bulky wood pulp have allowed Alyne to meet the EPA mandate of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Alyne Ultra-Thin diapers are a sustainable incontinence product.

Maximum Absorbency Protection

4 layers of patented diamond-quilt technology absorb up to 24 ounces of liquid, the fluid equivalent of an entire water bottle!

Quick drying.

An inner seam and snug leg guards prevent leakage throughout daytime and nighttime use.

No leaks.

Alyne locks in odor all-day to give you peace of mind in any social setting.

No foul odor.

True to Size

Fits like regular underwear and does not impede movement. Barely noticeable under thin clothing. Perfect for social or athletic situations.

50% thinner than other brands.

Alyne Size - Men Waist Measurement Weight


30-44 inches

115-220 lbs


40-64 inches

190-320 lbs