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Prevail SKU: FQPPV017

Prevail Bariatric Adjustable Unisex Briefs, Ultimate absorbency, Breathable, Odor-free

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Prevail Bariatric Adjustable Unisex Briefs are specifically designed for waistlines of all sizes - ranging from smallest to largest - protecting against heavy leakage, with maximum absorbency. Direct Lock Panels make it convenient to stick tabs securely in place, and make adjustments later as necessary, without needing to discard the brief. Read more product details

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  • Product Details

    Bariatric Adjustable Unisex Briefs are made of super absorbent polymers that soak up incontinence and convert it into gel form, keeping briefs dry. The stretchy side panels allow for a soft, yet flexible fit and comfortable experience throughout the day. A clothlike material is used for both the topsheet and backing, keeping the brief silent while also enabling extreme comfort. The breathability of the design allows heat to escape for skin health and wellness. Advanced odor guard technology traps all odors to maintain a clean and fresh sensation. This brief is a great fit for those who are bedridden or immobile, and can accommodate waist sizes between 62 and 100 inches.

    • Severe Absorbency
    • Overnight Use
    • Unscented
    • Large Sizes
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    Quick Facts
    Spec Info
    Absorption Heavy leakage protection
    Backing Material Clothlike
    Fastening Refastenable tabs
    Gender Unisex
    Type of Incontinence Bowel and urine
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