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Presto SKU: DYLUPB39020

Presto Breathable Disposable Underpads, Heavy absorbency, No-slip backing

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Presto Breathable Disposable Underpads, Heavy absorbency, No-slip backing safeguards your bed and furniture from incontinence leakage. Breathability allows air to flow through thanks to the soft, non-woven backing. OdorSecure technology eliminates odors before they start.

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    Presto Breathable Disposable Underpads, Heavy absorbency serve as an extra layer to safeguard against heavy leaks - and keep your furniture completely dry. Made of an absorbent core which helps to trap fluid in the pad. Advanced OdorSecure technology prevents odor-causing bacteria from growing. Includes a soft, non-woven backing to allow greater air-flow while preventing leaks. Backing is also non-slip, helping you sleep soundly knowing that the underpad won’t slip out of position. Thanks to the soft feel of the underpads, they do not cause any kind of skin irritation. Maximum absorbency plus its affordability and comfort makes this one of the best incontinence underpads on the market. Available in 23” x 36” dimensions.

    • Super-absorbent core traps fluid to prevent leakage
    • Breathable non-woven backing to provide maximum air flow
    • Soft feel to safeguard against irritation even when worn for long periods
    • OdorSecure technology ensures that you don’t experience any incontinence-related odor problems
    • Heavy Absorbency
    • Thin Thin
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    Quick Facts
    Spec Info
    Absorbency Heavy
    Best for Airflow therapy beds
    Dimensions 23" x 36"
    Feature Noise-free
    Materials Nonslip backing
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