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Caroli SKU: Car-Pad-0mp

Caroli Feminine Incontinence Pads, Maxi Absorbency, 16", Unscented

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Caroli Feminine Incontinence Pads, Maxi Absorbency are designed for moderate to severe incontinence. These are some of the largest, most absorbent pads available; each with a powerful core that subdues odors and can contain a maximum of 24 ounces of liquid.

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  • Product Details

    Feminine Incontinence Pads, Maxi Absorbency are designed using velvety, air-permeable materials. Using soft, clothlike fibers, these pads are as comfortable and breathable as regular underwear. Extra efficient, super absorbent core stops any rewetting from happening and rapidly spreads and absorbs liquid into its inner lining. Perfect for the heaviest streams: Maximum absorbency pads are larger, at 16 inches long, and more absorbent, taking in up to 24 ounces of liquid, making them great for stronger leaks. Anti-odor system eliminates odors around the clock, as fast as they come, letting you stay fresh and worry-free. Designed for everyday discreet usage, these pads are made to be as subtle as possible with obscuring individual wraps for each pad - and materials that don’t bulge. Protected against moisture escape with their Side Leakage Protection System and interior clothing protectors. Available in 6” x 16” dimensions.

    • Made for discreet carrying with each pad coming inside its own small portable pouch, they are ideal for out-of-home transport and use
    • Designed for moderate to severe incontinence with a powerful core that subdues odors and can contain a maximum of 24 ounces of liquid
    • Professionally tested and analyzed by third-party laboratories and determined to not cause skin reactions
    • Discreet packaging and delivery maintains your privacy and ensures that your package will be safe and secure
    • Heavy Absorbency
    • Active Use
    • Unscented
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    Quick Facts
    Spec Info
    Absorbency 24 fl oz
    Dimensions 6" x 16"
    Feature Dermatologist tested
    Gender Womens
    Materials Adhesive backing
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 29 reviews

    These are the first pads that kept me and my bed dry all night. They are comfortable and hold all the liquids in them. Kudos‼️

    Janet Hubbard
    Awesome pads

    Never have I been so dry. Thanks

    Belinda Boyd
    Works well for me.

    Best I've found. Very comfortable and absorbant.

    juanita verhey
    8 x caroli feminine pads, 16 inch.

    Hi love them

    Mark Piskorowski

    I didn't do that in the best product that I've ever seen

    Kathleen Summers
    Great product

    Using these for my husband who has
    Parkinson’s a d full
    Incontinence. So far I’ve tried three other
    Major suppliers of
    Pads Amd NONE have
    Worked except for yours! Your
    Pads are highly absorbing , they’re soft and
    No. Irritating and they stay in place at all
    Times . Granted I still
    Must use 2 pads at
    Night along with the Real Fit underwear which also has a built
    In pad but there’s no spillover thru the night with your
    Product. Your
    Pads are a Godsend. Thank
    You for finally providing us a solution to his
    Issues! We are customers as long as you’ll have us. Bless you!

    Paula H
    Caroli Maxi Plus Pads

    Excellent maxi, I've tried several store brands and they are not nearly as absorbent as this pad is. A little too wide for my needs, but otherwise a very soft and non-irritating maxi. The customer service is the awesome, the best!

    Debra Reynolds
    They are great

    Working good for me.

    Linda Fazzio
    Good stuff

    These are just what I needed. The material they are made of is.very smooth and soft .They are very easy on the skin and on the pocket book. The price is so very reasonable. I will continue to order!!!

    Neita cunningham
    Great product.

    Thanks for sending My order so fast.

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