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TENA Cleansing Cream, Delicate Skin, Odor-controlling, Mild Scent

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TENA Cleansing Cream is designed primarily for frequent perineal cleansing of incontinent individuals when changing absorbent products, yet can also be used for full body cleansing. This versatile, 3-in-1 creamy solution is ideal for cleansing and hydrating even the most delicate and fragile skin - no rinsing with soap or water required.

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  • Product Details

    TENA Cleansing Cream is a go-to option for people around the globe confronting issues that may include skin irritation, fragile and brittle skin, and various other skin problems. Boosts skin radiancy by moisturizing and soothing weak and fragile skin. Dermatologically tested and engineered to maintain skin's natural pH level. Comprised of active ingredients Glyceryl Stearates/Cetearyl Isononanoate to benefit skin health. Does not contain any natural rubber latex ingredients that could potentially trigger skin irritation. Leaves skin feeling refreshed and clean with the help of a mild scent. Comes in a convenient pump bottle, in 16.9 oz. and 33.8 oz. sizes.

    • No need for rinsing with soap or water after using TENA Cleansing Cream
    • Dermatologically tested to maintain a natural pH level required for healthy skin
    • Mildly scented to eliminate any unpleasant odor and make you feel fresh and clean
    • Full body cleansing can be done with this product, along with its primary use of perineal skincare for individuals confronting issues related to incontinence
    • Alcohol-free cleansing product
    • Active Use
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    Quick Facts
    Spec Info
    Feature Dermatologically tested
    Feature No rinsing required, creamy solution
    Ingredients 3-in-1 surfactant-free
    Packaging Convenient pump bottle and individual packets
    Scent Mild scent
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