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Cosmea Ultra Sanitary Pads w/Wings, Super, Unscented


Cosmea ultra sanitary pads with wings, super absorbency, unscented.
Cosmea ultra sanitary pads with wings, super absorbency, unscented. Our ultra sanitary towels Super with wings for medium to heavy days feel as soft and dry as fabric, thanks to a breathable nonwoven which quickly channels liquids to a modern super-absorbent core, which locks them in without leaving any odor - for safety without compromise. Extra soft surface breathable nonwoven quickly channels liquids inwards. Hygienically individually wrapped practically for at home and on the go. Super-absorbent core locks in liquids in gel form without leaving any odor.

Cosmea Ultra Super Sanitary Pads with Wings are the ideal menstrual pad for medium to heavy days. The soft, breathable top sheet and non-woven wings provide maximum comfort. A 3D absorbent core made of natural fibers ensures quick retention of fluid and even distribution. Underwear is protected from stains and leaks by side barriers and a backing film.

Wear with peace of mind knowing your comfort and the sustainability of the pad have been considered. Respect your skin and the environment.

  • Length: 11in
  • Width: 3.5in
  • Absorbency: 6 out of 7 drops
  • Ideal for: Medium to Heavy days

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Great Product