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Prevail SKU: FQPAIR014

Prevail Air™ Unisex Stretchable Tabbed Brief, Maximum absorbency, Super breathable, Super dry

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Prevail Unisex Stretchable Tabbed Brief, Maximum absorbency is designed with Easy-lock fastener strips with expandex wings and direct lock panels. Infused with industry-leading MaxSorb Gel Technology, this brief transforms moisture into gel to keep you feeling comfortable and dry all day.

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    Unisex Stretchable Tabbed Brief, Maximum absorbency has a clothlike outer fabric that is softer and smoother, designed to keep your skin fresh and avoid irritation. Breathable edges allow air to flow freely which maintains the dryness of the inside. Microclimate care technology locks in wetness away from skin and allows air, heat and humidity to escape. Long days can be a breeze, because this tabbed brief can absorb maximum bladder leakage. Prevail products are manufactured in Pennsylvania, in collaboration with First Quality; a family-owned company which is a leading brand of premium quality products. Available in size 1 (26-48”), 2 (45-62”), or 3 (58-70”).

    • Omni-Odor Guard prevents undesirable odors that will make you feel fresh all day
    • MaxSorb Gel Technology transforms moisture into gel that promotes dryness
    • Dri-Fit Cotton Enhanced System provides a softer and smoother topsheet that helps maintain healthy skin
    • Discreet Packaging and Delivery maintains your privacy and ensures that your package will be safe and secure
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    Quick Facts
    Spec Info
    Absorbency Maximum plus
    Backing Material Clothlike
    Gender Unisex
    Size 1 (26”-48”), 2 (45”-62”), 3 (58”-70”)
    Type Breathable
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    Customer Reviews

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    Prevail Unisex Stretchable Tabbed Brief

    I am writing this honest , experienced review to help new users. First, brief or tabbed brief is a common term for diaper style protection, not pull-up. I am a 36 in waist, and in the past I bought these in a size 2. The velcro strips would have to meet in the front to keep them up. I get the size 1 now and the fit much better. The stretch sides really improve the fit and comfort over basic diapers. To me there are 2 features that are most critical in choosing adult protection: preventing leaks and cost. These do not have standing leak guards, but absorb leaks from urge incontinence quickly and have a high capacity without feeling too bulky. I do toss and turn a lot, so I add a strip of cheap me paper bandage tape over each velcro seam to keep them in place. If I use thep in the daytime rather than pull-ups or pads, I wear thin stretchy underwear over them. This keeps them from sliding down when wet and helps prevent side leaks while sitting. Last where should you buy your incontinence. I have MS and have bought supplies every wear. Privacy, selection, price and speedy delivery are the combination to look for. I only tried Norton Hurley a few months ago based on a facebook add. THEY ARE A GREAT SUPPLIER. I will continue to reorder here.


    Very disappointed. I thought it was brief but instead you have to fasten both sides and when urine in it it begins to fall off

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