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TENA Stretch Plus Unisex Pull Up Underwear, Moderate absorbency, Urinary & Fecal incontinence

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  • All-in-one protection for bladder and/or bowel incontinence
  • Breathable stretch sides and a secure wide-hook fastening system
  • Stretch sides for skin health and wearer comfort
  • Multifunctional design makes TENA Stretch briefs ideal for restorative care
  • TENA Sure Stay wide hook fastening system for individualized fit and easy handling
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Additional Product Information

  • Product Details

    TENA Stretch Plus Unisex Stretch Briefs are perfect for those in need of both urine and fecal coverage.  Their Sure Stay wide hook fastening system allows for a snug fit while the breathable stretch technology on either side allows the skin to breathe.  The InstaDri Skin-Caring System™ target absorption zone wicks moisture away from the skin and locks it in the super absorbent core, helping to reduce odors.

    What makes this product great:

    • Poly backing for extra wetness protection
    • Elastic leg gathers to minimize leaks
    • Full-length refastenable hook fasteners can be used as a brief or as a pull up

    Who should use this product:

    • Someone who needs heavy urine protection with moderate fecal protection
    • Someone who needs a secure fit from a brief that is also promotes skin health
    • Someone who is needing restorative care
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