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TENA SKU: 1111001_BG

TENA Complete +Care™ Extra Unisex Tabbed Brief, Moderate Absorbency

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TENA Complete+Care Tabbed Brief is specifically designed for adults to deliver supreme comfort and ease to handle moderate incontinence. Incorporated DuoLock Core technology seals up moisture and keeps the skin fresh and dry. TENA’s body fit technology gives a perfect fit for any waist type and prevents leakage too. Read more product details

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  • Product Details

    Complete+Care Tabbed Brief embraces cutting-edge absorbent technology for a reasonable price. Efficient Duolock technology locks in wetness through twin super absorbent polymer cores. Moisture is absorbed immediately in the quick absorbent layers to allow healthy skin to flourish and remain dry. Rapid absorbency eliminates skin rashes and irritation before they start. Breathable, non-woven topsheet provides sensational comfort. EzFasten Fastening System allows you to refasten tabs as often as necessary to enjoy the exact fit you desire. The inner leg cuffs are soft and prevent leakage, whereas the elastic waist conforms nicely to fit any body shape. Ideal for individuals with mobility impairments, adults prescribed to take prolonged bed rest, and after childbirth or surgery. Available in Large (41-64”) size.

    • Wetness indicator changes its color from yellow to blue, indicating that it's time for a diaper change 
    • Dual tabs ensure the perfect fitting of the brief to deliver utmost comfort and protection
    • Instant absorbent technology and odor control educes any unpleasant or undesirable odors
    • Body fit technology with elastic waist, soft thigh cuffs, and dual fastening tabs
    • Large Sizes
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    Quick Facts
    Spec Info
    Absorbency Moderate (24 oz.)
    Gender Unisex
    Materials DuoLock Core
    Sides EzFasten Fastening System
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