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TENA SKU: 959412_CS

TENA Dry Comfort™ Unisex Pull Up Underwear, Moderate absorbency

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TENA Dry Comfort Protective Unisex Pull Up Underwear, Moderate absorbency is designed to help people with moderate incontinence. Extremely comfortable for everyday wear. This underwear contains an ultra-absorbent material with a wider pad at the back to prevent leaks and odors while using it. Designed specially for men and women with moderate incontinence. Read more product details

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    InstaDri Skin-Caring System's long-lasting technology instantly absorbs all the moisture with a wider pad at the back to prevent leaks or odor while lying down.


    The waistband is stretchable for maximum comfort under your clothes, with no plastic noise like other incontinence products. No one will now you are wearing incontinence underwear but you, secure protection that stays in place.


    The moisture-reducing technologies are made from a soft, breathable material to comfort your skin without itching. Be worry-free about irritated or wet skin while wearing this underwear.


    Easy to use, the blue waist elastics indicate which side is the backside. TENA Dry Comfort Unisex Pull Up is recommended for women and men who suffer from severe incontinence as bladder leakage, post-surgery, and postpartum consequences.


    This product is available in three sizes: Medium (34 - 44" waist), Large (Waist 45 - 58"), Extra-Large (55 - 66" waist).


    • Super absorbent polymers give maximum protection against bladder leaks
    • Quick absorbent technology immediately absorbs moisture to prevent odor and keeps the skin dry and healthy
    • Tear away sides promote quick and effortless changing
    • Moisture-reducing technology
    • Design feels like regular underwear
    • Long-lasting dryness for all day use
    • Perfect fitting gives ultimate leakage protection
    • Discreet packaging and delivery maintains your privacy and ensures that your package will be safe and secure
    • FSA/HSA eligible in the United States


    How does the moisture-proof material work?

    The ultra-absorbent cloth-like material has inner layers with polymers that retain liquid to keep your skin dry.

    How does the odor inhibitor function in TENAs products?

    Absorbents products for incontinence act neutralizing the acidic of urine responsible for the odor. The material of TENA are pH neutral and prevent odor for 12 hours.

    Can I reuse incontinence underwear if hey are still dry?

    No. To not compromise its effectiveness, it is recommended to use it only once, even if it is still dry.

    Does the pad cover the backside also your bottom area?

    Yes, the underwear design was made with an absorbent pad in the back side and bottom area. 

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    Quick Facts
    Spec Info
    Absorbency Moderate (24 oz)
    Gender Unisex
    Leg cuffs Comfortable elastic gathers
    Protection type Urine and bowel protection
    Style Pull up style and tear-away sides for changing
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