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TENA InstaDri Air Disposable Underpad, Moderate absorbency, Pressure-reducing mattresses

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TENA InstaDri Air Disposable Underpad, Moderate absorbency is specially formulated to shield your bed  or furniture from involuntary urine loss. The extra large dimensions and enhanced material structure make it an ideal choice for pressure-reducing mattresses.

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  • Product Details

    InstaDri Air Disposable Underpad, Moderate absorbency delivers maximum protection against moisture and keeps your bed clean, dry, and bacteria-free. Designed with an advanced pin-hole structure that allows for an even distribution of fluid. Non-woven backsheet strengthens the shape and prevents bunching to give you the utmost comfort for hours of relaxation time. Breathable top lining eliminates the chances of skin breakdowns. Super absorbent polymer layers reduce odor and promote a healthy environment. Absorbent polymers wick away moisture and prevent unwanted odors. The topsheet nurtures a deep and comfortable sleep. Ideal for people dealing with pressure sores, elderly individuals with bladder issues, and women after childbirth. A great choice for pressure-reducing mattresses, but not recommended for air loss therapy beds. Available in Extra Large (30” x 36”) size.

    • Leakage protection advanced pin-hole structure enables an even dispersal of fluid to prevent clumps and stains
    • Breathability TENA underpads reduce heat and sweating with a breathable film
    • Abrasion-resistance with a strong backsheet that can maintain its shape to deliver supreme comfort
    • Super absorbent polymers seal up liquid, which guards against unpleasant odors
    • Discreet Packaging and Delivery maintains your privacy and ensures that your package will be safe and secure
    • Overnight Use
    • Thin Thin
    • Large Sizes
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    Quick Facts
    Spec Info
    Absorbency Moderate (24 oz)
    Backsheet material Non-woven
    Dimensions 30” × 36"
    Structure Pin-hole design
    Top layer Clothlike, breathable
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    These are really soft pads. The instadry thing really works well. Way better than I had expected. Sometimes the extra money is worth it!!

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