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TENA SKU: 1038426_BG

TENA Intimates Pull Up Underwear for Women, Overnight absorbency

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Women's Tena Intimates Pull Up Underwear offers high absorbency overnight for a dry and worry-free bedtime. The underwear is designed with anti-leak technology in specific areas for lie-down protection for women. Comfortable as real underwear, TENA's materials are breathable and soft. Ideal for severe bladder leakage, heavy menstrual bleeding, and postpartum use.

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    The Tena Intimates Pull-Up Underwear for Women for overnight use is composed of 40% higher absorbency positioned at the back area for protection. The clothlike fabric quickly neutralizes odors and absorbs any liquid for a peaceful night's sleep without worry about checking leaks during the night. The barrier system protectors in the edge are ideal for severe incontinence.


    Tena Intimates Pull-Up Underwear for Women is made of comfortable fabric material to simulate the unique comfort of real underwear with a soft cloth. The barrier system covers all areas, with inner leg cuffs and for ultra leakage protection. Easy to wear, the waistband fit is elastic to stretch with your body.


    Tena includes three security layers: high absorption, high protection against odor and moisture for your skin. Pro Skin technology with breathable material works to prevent skin damage, keeping the skin dry and with natural protection throughout the entire time of use. The flexible and soft material enables movement the whole night through.


    Specific for overnight use, do not be worry about replacing it in the middle of the night. The underwear design makes it easy to put on and take off without mess. It is ideal for women of all ages with high leaks of any kind. Easy to transport, take them discreetly everywhere.


    This product is available in three sizes: Small/Medium (32 - 42" waist), Large (Waist 39 - 52"), Extra-Large (47 - 66" waist)


    • Ultra absorption underwear for high incontinence 
    • Keeps you dry all night thorough 
    • Odor inhibitor 
    • Comfortable materials used in production
    • Specific design anatomically for women


    Are TENA Intimates Pull Up Underwear Disposable?

    Yes, each item can only be used once—the recommendation is to discard the underwear after use.

    For whom is the use of TENA Intimates Pull Up for Women recommended?

    They are ideal for women of any age who have severe urinary incontinence and any menstrual bleeding.

    How does the odor inhibitor function in TENA's products?

    Absorbents products for incontinence act neutralizing the acidic of urine responsible for the odor. The material of TENA are pH neutral and prevent odor for 12 hours.

    What is a clothlike material?

    Clothlike material is a softer material to the skin, different from the plastic feel of other incontinence products made of plastic. It is the best option for individuals allergic to poly materials. 

    • Overnight Use
    • Unscented
    • Large Sizes
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    Quick Facts
    Spec Info
    Absorbency High absorbency
    Feature Ultra leakage protections
    Leg style Inner leg cuffs
    Material Pro Skin technology
    Usage Disposable
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