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TENA SKU: 1074463_BG

TENA Plus Unisex Pull Up Underwear, Moderate absorbency

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TENA Plus Unisex Pull Up allows you to do daily activities without worrying about leakage. This underwear is ideal for using underneath your clothing, ensuring freedom of movement. The quick absorption inhibits odor and moisture so you can feel confident throughout the day. Easy to put on and take off, indicated for moderate incontinence.

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  • Product Details

    TENA Plus Protective Unisex Pull Up Underwear, Heavy absorbency features the ConfioAir breathable technology that helps your skin maintain the required moisture balance throughout your groin area. Added leakage protection is provided by the leg gathers and the industry-leading leakage barrier system, giving you comfort and security. Stretch, breathable design provides you an anatomical fit and locks in all odor. Super absorbent core and sides ensure concentrated protection, sealing away any fluids and preventing leakages. Available in size Small (25-34”).

    • Patented Body-close fit uses elastic threads for comfort and discretion
    • Innovative "W" shaped zones conform to the body's curves to direct all fluids away from the skin
    • Clothlike material used is soft and feels just like normal underwear
    • Inner leg cuffs ensure a close and comfortable body fit
    • Tear away seams for convenient and easy removal
    • Elastic waist band that is easy to pull on or off like a regular underwear
    • Leg gathers assist in effective leakage protection for comfort and security
    • Discreet packaging and delivery maintains your privacy and ensures that your package will be safe and secure
    • Large Sizes
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    Quick Facts
    Spec Info
    Absorbency Heavy
    Backing Material Clothlike
    Leg Style Inner leg cuffs
    Style Pull on with tear away seams
    Topsheet Material Clothlike
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