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TENA SKU: 738749_BG

TENA Men™ Super Plus Pull Up Underwear, Heavy absorbency

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TENA Men Super Plus Pull Up Underwear is made of high absorbency materials and offers total protection against leaks, keeps you fresh and dry. Its design coverage everything and fits perfectly under your regular clothes. Soft, tri-laminate material looks and feels even more like real underwear.

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    TENA features three highly absorbent layers for effective protection against leaks. The high- absorption fabric promotes long-lasting dryness. InstaDri Skin-Caring System technology inhibits odor and moisture so you can feel confident throughout the day.


    Easy to wear, the waistband is elastic to stretch with your body. TENA underwear provides discreet protection and allows you to move around all day without being disturbed.


    Heavy incontinence is absorbed due to the cloth-like material that allows fluid to enter the dual-core instantly. Odors are instantly neutralized. The soft top sheet provides a close fit, and all materials are latex-free for added comfort.


    TENA Men Super Plus Pull Up Underwear is indicated to protect men of all ages with occasional or permanent bladder and bowel incontinence. The body-hugging design fits perfectly to be used during the day. Easy to transport, take them discreetly everywhere.


    This product is available in three sizes: Medium (34-44” waist), Large (45- 58” waist), ExtraLarge (55-66” waist).


    • Super Plus absorbency for moderate to heavy bladder leakage protection
    • Highly absorbent target zone with super-absorbent polymers helps ensure reliable protection
    • Advanced Odor Protection technology helps control odors with a pH-balanced design
    • Ultra absorption underwear for high incontinence 
    • Polymers placed specifically for men's protection  
    • Designed to be worn for an active everyday life
    • FSA/HSA eligible in the United States


    How do I make sure I order the right size?

    You can measure your waist according to ‘Size’ section. Order the size indicated, neither larger nor smaller.

    Is this product suitable for overnight sleep use?

    For night use, the most suitable is TENA Super Unisex Pull Up Underwear Overnight to retain leaks longer.

    Do these products feel like bulky diaper products?

    No. In this product, the close-body fit material fits like regular underwear.

    How do incontinence products absorb so much fluid?

    This incontinence underwear has a triple absorption layer with polymers and cotton-like material to ensure all liquid gets away from the skin.

    • Large Sizes
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    Quick Facts
    Spec Info
    Absorbency Heavy absorbency
    Fit Close-body fit
    Material Latex-free
    Protection Advanced leakage protection
    Usage Disposable
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