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TENA SKU: 738745_BG

TENA Women™ Super Plus Heavy Pull Up Underwear, Heavy absorbency

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TENA Women Super Plus Heavy Pull Up Underwear is designed with triple protection to keep you free from leaks, moisture, or odors. The soft materials were made especially for active women who need comfort during the day. The quick absorption keeps you fresh, so you stay confident. Ideal for women with severe bladder incontinence, or in the postpartum stage.

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    TENA features three highly absorbent layers for effective protection against leaks. The polymer's protective barrier quickly absolves moisture. The pH-balanced material prevents any odor throughout the day. The soft fabric layer is breathable and allows air circulation to provide a long-lasting fresh feeling.


    The waistband is stretchable for maximum comfort under your clothes, with no plastic noise like other incontinence products. The three layers of ultra-absorbent material are effective against leaks and feel like regular underwear at the same time. The design fits a woman's body perfectly.


    TENA Women Super Plus Heavy Pull Up Underwear contains a double absorption layer in women's most leak-prone areas. The breathable cotton-like material holds liquid away from the skin immediately, so you feel dry. The soft top sheet provides a close fit, no one will know you are wearing incontinence underwear but you.


    TENA Super Plus Heavy Pull Up Underwear is ideal for heavy bladder and bowel incontinence. This product is indicated to protect women with an active lifestyle who want to feel fresh during the day. Easy to comfortably slide up and down to remove it.


    This product is available in three sizes: Small/Medium (29-40” waist), Large (37- 50” waist), Extra-Large (48-64” waist).


    • Designed for extra protection where women needed most 
    • Super absorbent for all-day leakage protection 
    • Fits like regular underwear 
    • Quick absorbing material to protect the skin 
    • FSA/HSA eligible in the United States


    How do I determine what my incontinence level is?

    Wear the Super Plus Heavy Pull Up Underwear for two to four days and monitor how much they absorb your incontinence. If you feel a lot of moisture, your level of incontinence is probably heavy.

    Is it possible to increase the absorbency level of TENA's underwear?

    Yes, you can add pads and place them inside your incontinence underwear to improve absorbency.

    How do incontinence products absorb so much fluid?

    Some TENA Incontinence underwear have a triple absorption layer with polymers and cotton-like material to ensure all liquid gets away from the skin.

    Can I reuse incontinence panties if they are still dry?

    No. To not compromise its effectiveness, even if it is still dry it is recommended to only use it once. 

    • Unscented
    • Large Sizes
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    Quick Facts
    Spec Info
    Absorbency Heavy absorbency
    Fit Stretchable waistband
    Material Latex-free
    Protection Polymer's protective barrier
    Usage Disposable
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