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Tranquility SKU: 445129_PK

Tranquility® ATN Maximum Protection Tabbed Brief, Overnight absorbency, Refastenable tabs

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Tranquillity All-Through-the-Night (ATN) Unisex Tabbed Brief, Heavy absorbency is a maximum capacity disposable brief that protects you from heavy incontinence. These briefs provide 6-8 hours of protection all throughout the night. Sleep soundly, uninterrupted by the need for a garment change - without compromising skin health and wellness. Read more product details

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  • Product Details

    All Through The Night Unisex Tabbed Brief, Heavy absorbency has a peach core that carries super absorbent polymers. Experience the full comfort of skin dryness, pH neutralization, odor reduction, and bacterial growth inhibition. Inner leg cuff design channels fluids to the most absorbent area of the brief. Core strength enables this brief to carry high volume urge episodes and bowel incontinence with excellent efficiency. Using Tranquility All Through Night Unisex Tabbed Brief reduces the frequency of extra laundry and soaked clothing, providing peace of mind for both caregivers and end-users. Enjoy long hours of comfort with the Advanced Peach Mat Core that locks away moisture and provides protection for up to 8 hours. With its extra boost of absorbency in the sides and the rear, you can stay dry all through the night. Soft elastic leg guards secure incontinence inside the briefs, and provide a more comfortable fit. Great full-rise fit allows the brief to sit comfortably over the stomach. Equipped with stretchy side panels, refastenable tabs, and a wetness indicator to let you know when it’s time to change. Available in Extra Small (18-26”), Small (24-32”), and Large (45-58”) sizes.

    • Peach Mat core absorbs and holds liquid in its core, protecting delicate skin
    • Leg guards comfortably wrap around the leg openings and secure incontinence inside the disposable brief
    • Refastenable tabs can be adjusted to give you the perfect fit you desire
    • Odor guard neutralizes incontinence odor
    • Wetness indicator helps caregivers know when a change is required
    • Overnight Use
    • Large Sizes
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    Quick Facts
    Spec Info
    Absorbency Heavy
    Fastening Type Refastenable Tabs
    Gender Unisex
    Leg Style Inner Leg Cuffs
    Topsheet Material Polymer
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