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Tranquility SKU: PBE3092

Tranquility ThinLiner Multi-Purpose Absorbent Sheet, Inhibits bacteria, Latex-free

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Tranquility ThinLiner Multi-Purpose Absorbent Sheet helps protect beds, chairs and other furniture from moderate levels of incontinence. Absorbs moisture in the skin folds, and helps to relieve discomfort caused by stress and pressure sores on people with delicate skin.

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  • Product Details

    ThinLiner Multi-Purpose Absorbent Sheets are delicate, 100% breathable retentive sheets that gather and hold dampness while keeping you cool. Delicate top and base layer wick dampness away from the skin. Establishes a dry environment that can avoid skin irritation and promote skin health. Hinders bacterial development and destroys odor. Non sterile, form fitting, and latex-free. Available in 20” x 22” dimensions.

    • Latex-free to avoid skin irritation
    • Form-fitting to create the ultimate comfort experience
    • Cost-effective to stretch your budget
    • Multipurpose soft and elastic sheets are strong and versatile
    • Thin Thin
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    Quick Facts
    Spec Info
    Absorbency Moderate (15 oz)
    Core Material Polymer
    Feature Form-fitting
    Feature Latex Free
    Usage Disposable
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