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TENA Regular Disposable Underpad, Light absorbency, Fluff material

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TENA Regular Disposable Underpad, Light absorbency is designed with an absorbent core for light incontinence. It offers you triple protection against leaks, wetness and odor. Underpads provide you fearless protection, no matter where you sit or lay down. Dermatologically tested, and feels soft on your skin.

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  • Product Details

    Regular Disposable Underpad, Light absorbency uses proven breakthrough technology to eliminate odors, absorb leakage and control any bacteria. Core absorbent material is made of fluff, providing a soft interior lining that is well vented and non-irritating. Waterproof backing protects the linen as well as any chair or bed you may sit or lay on. Made to ensure you feel secure, dignified, dry and comfortable around family and friends. Fluffy material is soft and dermatologically tested to provide extra protection for your skin. Available in 17” x 24” or 23” x 24” dimensions.

    • Light absorbency protection for chairs, beds or any other surface against accidental urine leakage
    • Soft surface and lining that feels comfortable for your skin
    • Moisture proof lining traps fluids to protect chairs and beds, keeping them dry
    • Non-woven backsheet is strong and resists bunching
    • Non-woven topsheet is soft and offers extra strength against tearing and ripping
    • Overnight Use
    • Thin Thin
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    Quick Facts
    Spec Info
    Absorbency Light
    Absorbent core material Fluff
    Backsheet Material Waterproof backing
    Latex-Free Indicator Not made with natural rubber latex
    Topsheet Material Non-woven
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