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TENA Ultra Plus Disposable Underpad, Heavy absorbency, Quilted

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TENA Ultra Plus Disposable Underpad, Heavy Absorbency is a super absorbent underpad that provides extra dryness and security against heavy incontinence. Made with super absorbent microbeads and a moisture-proof lining to stop liquids from leaking.

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  • Product Details

    Ultra Plus Disposable Underpad, Heavy Absorbency is designed to reduce odor, absorb leaks and keep the surrounding environment dry. It is a versatile adult incontinence product that can be used for any bed. These disposable underpads are made of polyethylene, super absorbent polymer, and 100% virgin fluff pulp. In addition to having heavy absorbency, the underpads have an extra-soft interior linen that ventilates the skin, and its non-irritating composition helps provide better comfort. Sealed edges of the underpads give extra security for wetness protection, and a non-woven topsheet increases its retention ability when compared to other regular draw sheets and mattress pads. Available in 28” x 36” size.

    • Versatile disposable underpad designed for a variety of adult incontinence needs
    • Secure underpad that controls odor, leakage and keeps the bedding dry
    • Non-woven topsheet and polyethylene backsheet provides comfort for sensitive skin types
    • Super polymers for maximum absorbency
    • Overnight Use
    • Thin Thin
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    Quick Facts
    Spec Info
    Absorbency Ultra plus (extra)
    Age Range Adult
    Gender Unisex
    Topsheet Non-woven
    Usage Disposable
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